On 11/12/2017 - Elysis

ELYSIS is certified MASE for 3 years!

ELYSIS is proud to announce its MASE certification for 3 years, which guarantees the robustness of its management system for the safety and health of its consultants.




MASE What is it?

It is a system of industrialists serving industrialists who seeks to:

  • Improve security through a management system adapted to the company.
  • Better organize, better communicate, improving the conditions of intervention of employees.
  • Put in place a common language in order to progress together.

MASE is a group of “law 1901” type associations whose members are the user companies and the intervening companies.

MASE is a repository.
It is a basis of reflection that allows the company to better structure its HSE approach by exploring the five recommended axes.

MASE is also a recognition system: certification

The goal is to sustain safety management systems by periodically analyzing the results of companies and the award of a certification by the regional steering committee after conducting an audit entrusted to a selected external organization.

It is a strong choice of management that allows today to be structured in order to expand while maintaining control over HSE risks associated with our teams.