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ELYSIS, Regional Leader of Project Management Consulting for industry, plans to recruit 20 new consultants-engineers specialized in industrial project management to meet the demand of its customers. MARION BOUTE in charge of Recruitment: “We are targeting the recruitment of experienced engineers in technical project management in the field of industrial engineering related to the development of new products or in the implementation of new equipment and industrial resources. We also recruit consultants specialized in Quality, Purchasing or Logistics to support the mastery of Quality, Costs and Delays aspects during product-process development phases. The company’s growth strategy, funded by the “Growth” program of the ENTREPRISE network and the BPI, is bearing fruit with a 36% increase in turnover in 2015 * guided by the sectoral diversification of its activity and further development in French-speaking Belgium. Today, ELYSIS supports the industrial investments and R & D programs of some thirty major industrial groups in a wide range of sectors such as aeronautics, pharmaceuticals, automotive and agribusiness.Jérémy GONCE, CEO and Founder ELYSIS :

“Our growth up to 2018 will require an annual hiring of between 40 and 50 experienced engineers from the world of industry to satisfy the demand of our customers based in the Haut-de-France and Belgium. . We also recruit technical and commercial profiles to join the commercial and managerial structure of the company in order to develop, manage our commercial activity and manage our teams of consultants “ELYSIS does not miss projects, as the company will move in early 2017 on the science park of high-terminal in new premises and will launch at the same time the opening of new offices on Brussels, and Paris

* ELYSIS is a consulting firm Lillois Founded in 2011 by Jérémy GONCE and Winner Network Entreprendre in 2011 and 2014. The company achieved in 2015 a turnover of 2.8 million € HT and has 47 employees in its workforce.

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