On 13/09/2016 - Tribune of experts


Emilie P. 28 years old, Consultant in the aeronautical sector.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Emilie, I’m 28 years old. I am from Burgundy (and proud to be!).
I moved to the North 2 years ago after the transfer of my spouse and I joined Elysis in the wake to be a consultant in the aeronautics sector in Belgium.

Why did you choose an engineering degree?

It was not my first goal. I hesitated for a long time on my course, not knowing what to throw at me. So I started with the faculty until my master 1, in materials chemistry, where I was noticed by the director of the ESIREM (school of engineering materials). After a file filed, an interview, I was selected and integrated the school! And there, revelation !!! Concrete, clear applications in everyday life, a real pleasure!

Why did you choose to evolve in the industrial sector?

Because of my character, I did not see myself going anywhere else! I like the machines, the smells of the workshop. Every day is a new challenge facing ever different problems! It must be responsive, find solutions, alternatives quickly because the customer can not wait. We must always give it a go, I love it!
I also wanted to keep a link with my studies in materials. I had the chance to work in the nuclear industry and now in aeronautics. I only miss the car!

Do you think that being a consultant in a man’s environment is an asset?

As far as I’m concerned it’s clearly an asset. But beware, it is not acquired, we must work for that!
It must already be proven both at the level of managers and workers. For the latter it is obviously also to have an exemplary dress (not décolleté!) And have a lot of humor because the jokes are sometimes limited … It is also necessary to know how to take slaps and raise the head. You can be a woman and be strong!

But once respect is established, everything becomes simpler. Let’s not forget that we know how to lead men by the end of the nose!

A little thing that makes all the difference: I always smile in the studio, I greet everyone and I always have a kind word for everyone. They even called me their “sunbeam”!

B “> Can you present us your current project?

I intervene as part of a service in Belgium for a tier 1 aeronautical equipment manufacturer. This company manufactures and assembles parts called “leading edges” and has as main customer Airbus. I manage the scheduling of two lines of production. Scheduling is a production support service. I make sure the right parts come out at the right time to always deliver the customer on time. Thus, I determine the weekly volumes to leave and the critical pieces to follow on a daily basis. In case of drift I put in place catch-up plans. I have to work a lot with my line manager and my team leaders. This work is quite complex because I always have to find a compromise between my goal, which is the delay and that of production, which is productivity.

A very positive point about this mission is that I have to work on continuous improvement projects. We have just closed a project that lasted a year and that works very well. I can not wait to work on a new project!

Have you ever had to deal with difficulties related to your sex? If yes, can you give an example?

Yes working in a company composed of 90% men, I inevitably encountered some problems …
At first the workers tested me. I had the right to dubious jokes or hisses when I arrived in the studio! No luck for them, dubious jokes I know too! And when I was whistled, I did the cuckoo of the Queen of England! Suddenly it became very funny and as they saw that it did not reach me it quickly stopped.