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Industrialization of production equipment on an assembly line of a motor vehicle

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“The objective of this project is to implement or modify production stations in order to assemble components necessary for future production, while taking into account the quality criteria required by the client.”

Julien D., Consultant

What objectives ?

Establishment or modification of production facilities for a car manufacturer as part of the launch of a new sedan. These equipment adaptations aim to meet the design requirements of the new vehicle and to produce the new components at the same level of quality.

Context at Our Client

Our customer, car manufacturer, had to adapt its assembly means in a context of launching 3 different vehicles. ELYSIS has set up a team of 3 consultants to manage the modification studies of the current production equipment, prepare and pilot the sites of implementation of the adaptive means by answering in every point to the customers' requirements, both at the levels of the integration by production and quality achieved.

Activities conducted by ELYSIS

  • Studies on modifications to the current equipment to be able to produce the new vehicle
  • Creation of specifications, consultations and presentation of needs to suppliers
  • Quotation studies and validation of technical solutions
  • Preparation and follow-up
  • Piloting internal tests
  • Report on the progress of activities and validations of new equipment
  • Reporting at the hierarchy level

Key figures

3 ELYSIS consultants experienced in industrialization

18 months of intervention to accompany 3 launches

1.1 M€ cumulative investments