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Logistics Management of a LGV Project Mode Project

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What objectives ?

The project management in charge of the installation works of the equipment along the track (Catenary, Food, Signaling, Telecoms) asked ELYSIS at first upstream to carry out an audit service and of expertise aiming at the dimensioning the logistics of the construction site. ELYSIS was then entrusted with the deployment of the recommendations made, and the operational management of the entire logistics service of the site.

Activities conducted by ELYSIS

  • Audit and dimensioning of construction logistics
  • Construction of the supply schedule
  • Study and realization of supplier protocols
  • Supervision of the complete logistics service for off-track rail equipment for the various work packages: EALE, auxiliary power supply, telecommunication, cable arteries, signaling, remote surveillance and safety.
  • Recruitment, training and management of the logistics team (5 employees) as well as transport and handling providers. Organization of the works bases (35,000 m² for subcontractors) and exploitation of storage areas (30,000 m²) including 2 warehouses modular of 1000 m².
  • Study and Deployment of a solution of management of computerized stock (WMS) via OPEN ERP.
  • On-site or on-site procurement of multi-vendor equipment in accordance with the work schedule, management of anomalies at reception and delivery of equipment to work packages: 100 km of gutters, 4000 cable drums, 500 cabinets, etc.
  • Monthly reporting to the project management.
  • Development of the carbon balance of logistics flows.

Key figures



4000 reels of cables