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What objectives ?

Piloting the technical development of Private Label Products (PDM) in project mode within an international team and respecting deadlines and costs. Permanent improvement of products in terms of reliability, performance, quality of use, respect for the environment and price.

Activities conducted by ELYSIS

  • Formalization of technical tender specifications
  • Tests and pre-qualification of samples produced
  • Implementation of performance, positioning and product validation tests with laboratories
  • Management of product development with the Canton office and industrial partners
  • Constitution of Regulatory Compliance Records
  • Writing of user notes and compliance of technical information on products and packaging
  • Analysis of returns and customer complaints in order to adapt the product quality requirements
  • Participation in the optimization of development processes and skills transfer in Asia
  • Development of a support tool for commercial negotiation by course analysis (materials, manufacturing, logistics ...)
  • Production of a cost analysis file on a range of strategic products

Key figures

8 months of Projects

+ of 12 developed products

1 consultant specialized in the development of multimedia products for the general public