Project Management Consultancy


Our role consists in providing services in fields concerning the guidance and management of the technical aspects, quality, costs and deadlines of engineering projects in the industrial sector. We send our consultants to the organisations of our customers to focus on 3 main categories of projects:  
  • The development of new industrial and technological products
  • The planning, improvement and implementation of production lines or factories
  • The planning and construction of works in the infrastructure field


In light of market globalization, our clients now manage multinational technical teams in order to remain competitive but they face greater complexity and risk in their engineering cycles.

In the face of these new challenges, the teams of ELYSIS consultants address the following problems, expressed by project and programme managers:
  • The need to reinforce or supplement teams to guide an engineering project or one of the phases in an engineering cycle: planning, manufacturing or tests & commissioning.
  • Seeking operational assistance to boost project management as regards quality, cost or deadlines.
  • Externalising a project package or a project activity to a partner.
  • Obtaining a diagnosis and recommendations regarding their project management, development cycle and industrial efficiency.
  • Training and supporting teams in consolidating or acquiring project management skills.