Customers and Business Lines

Initially, ELYSIS developed its reputation with some key accounts in Northern France and Belgium, especially in the automotive and rail industries.


Now, the cross-cutting skills of its associates enable a presence in a number of industrial sectors and allow the company to work with over twenty active clients.



Industrie du transport_Elysis

  • Manufacturers & Equipment Suppliers in the Automotive, Aeronautical and Rail sectors.
  • Manufacturers of construction site machinery & agricultural equipment.
  • The naval and space industries.

  •  The food processing industry,
  •  Chemistry,
  •  Metallurgy
  •  The extraction and processing of ores
  •  Petrochemistry

Engineer examining circuit board

  • Electronic industries
  • The multimedia sector
  • Defence

Secteur Énergie - Panneaux Solaires

  • The construction and public works & Telecoms industries
  • The energy and environment sectors
  • Road, rail, port and air operators

Secteur Pharmaceutique et Chimie - Pipette

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetics industries
  • Manufacturers of medical equipment and devices
  • The biotechnologies sector.