Our organisation was constructed around our customers and consultants, by tailoring our management and business relations through Business Units (BU) specialised in various sectors.


We thus entrust the management of our customers and associates to managers who have achieved a BAC+5 qualification as a minimum and possess professional or technical expertise in the sector of activity of their respective BU.


Each Business Unit can also rely on the support of the Recruitment and HR team in order to support the selection integration, training and administrative management process for its consultants.

An organisation adapted to the remote management of our teams.

Since our consultants mainly work at the customer’s premises, we have adopted a management system tailored to the specific requirements of the consultancy business:


  • A corporate social network on YAMMER to stay connected with the company’s associates and access ELYSIS methodological resources
  • A web 2.0 intranet to enter times, costs and monthly activity reports
  • A system for managing the safety and security of our associates, with MASE certification pending
  • An ELYSIS PQPM* Quality frame of reference ensuring proper monitoring of the services provided by our associates
  • An annual calendar of events and meetings at the company headquarters in order to offer associates the chance to discuss, share and keep informed of company news and strategies