Our Recruitment Process

Our clients’ satisfaction and creating value within our company resides with the ELYSIS human capital.


In addition to the professional and technical skills required to carry out interventions with our customers, we focus, during the recruitment process, on validating the following expertise:



  • Ability to work in a team,
  • Fluency and thoroughness in written and oral communication
  • Ability to analyse and summarise
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Customer- and result-focused enterprise culture


Lastly, since 80% of our services are provided in an international project context, we require a mastery of spoken and written English in a professional environment (TOEIC score of 750, or equivalent).


Our recruitment process systematically follows the 6 following stages:



During a conversation of around ten minutes, we introduce the consultancy business and present the customer services on which a future associate may work when hired. We then accurately gauge the candidate’s expectations as regards salary, position and career development.

A recruitment interview of around one hour conducted either at our premises, or by SKYPE with a company manager, so as to conduct a detailed analysis of the professional experience of the potential associate, address his/her professional goals in detail and touch on remuneration, mobility and availability.

Interpersonal skills ELYSIS has also incorporated a work behavior-based test ASSESSFIRST that identifies our employees’ areas of performance and motivational factors.

This phase takes place in two stages. Firstly, there is a discussion about the candidate’s sources of motivation to become a consultant and a precise assessment of his/her career goals. The second stage sees a return to the personality test and a comparison with the discussions which took place during the interviews.

Candidates approved during the recruitment process may be contacted to meet (in advance) ELYSIS customers in technical assessment meetings, in order to enable them to validate the technical and professional scope of the first consultancy assignment they may be called upon to carry out once hired.

During this final stage, the future associate will be welcomed by the Manager of the Business Unit for signature of the employment contract and may meet the Director of ELYSIS for a quick chat about his/her experience and professional goals. This stage is followed immediately by a meeting with the company’s HR manager for the submission of the administrative recruitment documents, the welcome booklet and the personal protective and safety equipment.