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Pilotage of the Quality Assurance Product of an Automotive Project

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What objectives ?

The primary objective of the mission is to follow the quality tools imposed by the manufacturer and apply them to our customer, tier 1 equipment supplier. The second objective is to deploy the internal project management items. The accomplishment of these two objectives will ensure the quality of the products delivered throughout the project and make the series start (SOP) by reaching the default ZERO.

Activities conducted by ELYSIS

  • Follow-up of the Customer Project Quality Method
  • Management of AMDEC
  • Definition of Pre-Series, Series and Enhanced Monitoring Plans
  • Definition of the specifications of the means of control
  • Realization of control reports
  • Firewall tracking
  • Validations of supplier PPAPs
  • Realization of internal process audits

Key figures

1 experienced consultant to Quality tools

35 reference in SOP on 2016

3 different customers