Our Methodology

Within the context of our ELYSIS PQPM* methodological frame of reference, we train our teams in good project management practices and apply this method to manage our services and ensure satisfaction for our customers and associates.

Thus, each service is covered by a Customer Satisfaction Booklet, which includes 5 key management measures for the services provided by ELYSIS consultants:


Elysis recrutement


The Services Framing Report produced at the start of the project, enabling formalisation of the objectives of the service and the provisional execution timetable for the activities identified.



Monthly Project Reports issued to customers by ELYSIS consultants detailing the activities carried out during the month just ended, the action plan for the following month and the risks and opportunities identified.

rapport mensuels de proket elysis client

Reunion de pilotage de la prestation elysis


Service Steering Meetings organised periodically at the customer’s premises with the ELYSIS consultant and manager.



End-of-project meeting with assessment of the quality of the service by the customer, attended by the ELYSIS manager and consultant.


Rapport de cadrage de prestation elysis

Rapport de synthèse elysis


Sending of the Final Intervention Report by the ELYSIS consultant, formalising the summary of activities conducted and recommendations for a similar service in the future.


As part of this quality approach, we train our associates on recruitment in the good project management practices established by the PMI ® and also issue our consultants with project management tools, in order to enable optimal management of their assignments.  

* PQPM: Plan for Quality Project Management